AlMadinah AlMunawarah:
The city of a new beginning

AlMadinah, known as the city of enlightenment, played an important role in advancing the human civilization to new levels. Following this tradition, MADAC is set up to revolutionize education, so that AlMadinah can reclaim its original role of emancipating the minds and souls of people.


Admission is now open for the upcoming academic year 2017/2018 for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. By September 2017, the student must must have reached the appropriate age for his or her grade. If you are interested, please email us at

or call us at
+966 53 336 0513

MADAC.... Where the curiosity is encouraged

AlMadinah Academy will be the loci of excellence in AlMdinah to flourish creativity, knowledge and social responsibility in young minds.


Be a worldwide leader in improving children's lives.



We offer a challenging global education that begins with self-discovery and extends to appreciating others and understanding the world. We develop inquiring and balanced innovative free-thinkers and leaders who make a difference in the world.



“MADAC” is very keen on coping with parents’ aspiration to plant the seeds of the comprehensive values of the Holy Quran into the souls of our children

Challenge Steam Active Opportunity Exuding Code of Honor Self-Organizing

Instruction and learning starts with a problem or a solution in needs of a design. Learning is authentic and active. Students read, search, research, analyze, compose, and produce. There is abundant chance to learn individually, in small groups, and in large groups.


Traditionally art and science learning and teaching have been compartmentalized whereas research has shown that both in the brain areas and in life they are integrated. Co-design and development of these classes; learning goals, curriculum, instructional activities, and assessment are sought after.


Learning is best using multi-channels than single. Deep-learning is emphasized over passive absorption. Deep-learning is not possible without re-creation, montage, or ‘making anew’ or ‘making it yours’. Internalized knowledge through first hand deep processing and discovery is long lasting and meaningful.


Each child is unique and even though desired educational standards are similar for everyone, learning objectives should manifest as individualized versions of them. Learning objectives are not content based but process and performance based and can be accomplished by each child in a different way.


Outside school activities and learning should find their place appropriately in teaching and learning. Opportunities to observe, record, analyze, and understand significant objects, structures, resource people, original sources etc. are recommended. Outreach, social responsibility and community service projects are considered as curriculum and school learning. School should be positioned as centerpiece for a continuously ‘learning-reflecting’ community.

Code of Honor

Authentic assessment and compatibility of curriculum, instructional strategies and exams should be secured. ‘Testing as still a part of learning’ should be emphasized. Self-assessment, projects, performance projects, and open exams are considered.


Managing own learning processes and paths are emphasized because school is life. Self-assessment rubrics designed by students, individualized extended projects in interest or expertise areas are encouraged. Semi–student organized activities, and student run clubs and extra-curricular activities are suggested. Motivation is taught and utilized as raw material. Students as lifelong learners is embedded here.