Core Values

“MADAC” is very keen on coping with parents’ aspiration to plant the seeds of the comprehensive values of the Holy Quran into the souls of our children, so we focus on such values as:

  • Piety, so that the learners would bring about all that is useful for them and for humanity, while rejecting all that is harmful for them and for humanity.
  • Charity, so that the learners would become active agents for positive change in their own life, in the life of others, and the world around them.
  • Patience, so that the learners would be enthusiastic in learning, and have everlasting persistence.
  • Repentance, so that the learners would understand their strength and weak points to develop themselves, add to others, and reform their attitude continually.
  • Self-reliance, so that the learners would criticize themselves instead of blaming others. They are creative, not just imitators and they seek objectivity.
  • Purity, so that the learners would express themselves with confidence and innovation, in several languages and methods.
  • Justice, so that the learners would be balanced the different aspects of their intellectual, physical, and emotional life to achieve happiness and welfare for themselves and others. They are communicative, and listen to the points of view of other individuals or groups.