“MADAC” believes in the necessity of changing school education from the pattern of passing down knowledge into the pattern of regarding learning as the ultimate goal of teaching, and that school education must develop in learners, at all levels, the habit of lifelong learning. To achieve this goal, we broaden the function of school teaching so as not to be limited to acquiring available knowledge, but to exceed this goal to a more suitable goal to lifelong learning i.e. the learner must master the knowing methods, and control the tools of knowledge generation. This document has identified four pillars for school education adopted by “MADAC”, as shown in the following diagram:

Our starting point in “MADAC” is a fact approved by several researches, and asserted by international encyclopedia specialized in research on teaching, “Teaching in itself, and for itself doesn’t have profound effects on learners. The effect occurs through an intermediate between teaching and learning, which is the thinking processes that happen inside the learner.” We also assert – as an educational conviction – that learners have their independent entity apart from the teacher. Their learning is deemed by their perception, their memory, their ability to cognize what is new, their awareness of their metacognition, and their skill to apply their previous knowledge to up-to-date information.

The Program

In our educational vision and mission in “MADAC”, we seek to enable our students to acquire the skills that make them lifelong learners. We depend on a group of principles and values derived from the Holy Quran. These values have been educationally phrased under the title of “MADAC Attitude”. Also, we derive from the stable learners’ features and the educational situations asserted in the IP organization. “MADAC” is also paying attention to all the educational competencies included in the Saudi national curriculum, beside a variety of resources from which “MADAC” selects what’s useful for its learners. All the above-mentioned resources have been collected in one matrix called “MADAC Acquired Competencies Matrix”. This matrix is considered headlines for curriculum and activity designers, and a guide for teachers when facing certain situations with students to enable them to master the following skills: