Madac Society

"The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things."Jean Piaget

What are the MADAC Society’s aims? We are a society of educators associated with the MADAC, engaged in supporting the school’s historic mission to contribute to the field of public Education by:

  • Developing networks of educators associated with the MADAC schools.
  • Encouraging contributions to current Education debate by its members;
  • Developing the interface between ongoing educational research and professional expertise;
  • Providing financial support for education projects associated with MADAC.
  • Joining MES (MADAC EDUCATION SOCITY) is entirely free; activities and events will however be charged on a full recovery cost basis. In addition, the Society will from time to time undertake fundraising activities for specific projects associated with MADAC.
  • The Society currently aims to organize at least two main events each year – the MES Annual Lecture in September to coincide with the MADAC’s Alumni Weekend, and a sunday School in May on a specific aspect of education which is of concern to the educational community. In 2018 the sunday School will on the topic of educational standards and qualifications reform and in June 2018, early learning and digital technologies.
  • Members can also volunteer to run more informal activities on a regional or national basis. If you are interested in forming a local network or setting up a specialist interest group, contact madac website.
  • On this site also there is a Member Area in which registered members of the MES are able to search for other members world-wide, participate in on-line forum discussions and share resources. Click on the Membership tab above to join the MES or to log in if you are already a member.