Support The Children

“MADAC” foundation, operation, development, and sustainability depend on the financial and material support received from the great commercial and industrial companies which have deep-rooted social responsibilities. It also depends on the great funding charitable organizations and the profits of managing and operating the business investment endowments of the great Saudi families, beside the school and service fees collected from students. The role of the endowments was demonstrated in providing the necessary funds for the preliminary administration studies, the construction designs, purchasing the land on which

the academy will be built, in addition to providing the necessary drilling works. Participating in “MADAC” foundation and operation will reestablish Almadinah Almonawarah as the cradle of religion, and destination of scientists. It will help restore its importance and distinguished cultural position to attract the outstanding human resources interested in science and work with the aim of establishing an international pioneering educational community capable of achieving the proper scientific status for Almadinah Almonawarah, and providing a vital balanced environment.

This partnership will also contribute to building up: